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  • 1.034 billion euros in turnover, up by 2.9 % on the previous financial year at constant rates.
  • Turnover down by 3 % in current euros.
  • 30.6 million euros in operating profit representing 3 % of turnover.
  • 6 % higher volumes processed and sales objectives surpassed at 128 % with 165 million euros in new contracts.


"The company’s achievements and business dynamics were supported by commercial strength and the overall performance of our business activities. The financial year however, was affected by the Forex (devaluation of the rouble, highly unstable real…), but our Group made every effort to keep the effects down to a minimum. Performances in France, Poland, Romania and China were good, and we continued to gain market shares in all countries where we are based,” stated Jean-Christophe Machet, CEO of the FM Logistic Group.



FM Logistic’s turnover for the last financial year (1 April 2015 – 31 March 2016) stands at 1.034 billion euros, up by 2.9 % in relation to the previous financial year at constant rates. Operating profit reached 30.6 million euros which represents 3 % of turnover.

While processed volumes increased by 6 %, turnover went down by 3 % at current rates. This was due mainly to a tight foreign exchange market (devaluation of the rouble, highly unstable real…).

The company’s strong commercial dynamics however, were able to limit the consequences of this situation. Sales objectives were exceeded at 128 %. 165 million euros in new contracts were signed with particularly strong performances in France, Poland, Romania and China. Despite fierce competition, FM Logistic gained market shares in all of its countries.



FM Logistic remains on course to reach the objectives set in its Ambition 2022 plan. It is continuing to develop and to meet the challenges found in the market of world logistics.


Getting stronger internationally

With acquisition and organic development policies driving growth, it has taken FM Logistic just a few years to gain its international dimension. Gaining a foothold in South America and becoming majority shareholder in Spear Logistics in India were remarkable development opportunities for the Group. 63 % of its turnover today is made internationally and 77 % of its 21 800 members of staff are based outside France.

FM Logistic now aims to reinforce its position in Europe, to establish bases in the same countries as its customers who require its services, and in Central and EasternEurope so as to create links, strengthen skills, optimise flows and set up a wide range of transport services.


Innovation at all levels

In a highly competitive market, FM Logistic has developed a culture of innovation throughout the company. Experts originating from the Group’s different business areas in all countries have been brought together to form an Innovation Team. The team’s objective is to come up with new service offers through increased business expertise (comprehensive transport services, omni-channel services…) and to continuouslyimprove processes and equipment (warehouse automation, logistics digitalisation…).


Attracting new talent

Investing in people is essential to preparing for the future effectively and FM Logistic is focusing more than ever on recruiting and training its future managers. The company has decided to accentuate its managerial culture in order to develop staff autonomy while ensuring close cooperation between teams. In a changing and strong value-added sector, FM Logistic has a great deal to offer new recruits such as responsibility, promotions, international careers and the possibility to express their ideas.


The company has been recognised for its strategy in talent management, careers and take-overs. It was awarded the "happy@work for starters" 2016 label by the Top Employers 2016 certification.


About FM Logistic 

Since its creation in 1967, FM Logistic has become one of the international leaders in the fields of warehousing, transport and co-packing. As an independent and family-run Group, it is recognised as being expert in the consumer goods, retail, perfume/cosmetics, industrial and health markets.

FM Logistic is present in Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Western Europe and Latin America with 21 800 members of staff and over a billion euros in revenue.

As well as internationalisation, FM Logistic’s development is built on a strong policy of innovation and respect for the environment. The Group pioneered the “pooling” concept (shared transport and logistic resources), for which they received numerous professional distinctions.

As an eco-responsible company, FM Logistic is a member of Green Freight Europe, a programme whose aim is to improve the ecological performance of goods transportation in Europe.

In 2015, the Group created CityLogin, the green solution to logistic requirements for the last mile of delivery in major European cities.


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