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Quality at the right price: FM Logistic knows what matters to its customers. How to offer a suitable control process for the best price? Thanks to close collaboration between Customer/Service Provider/Supplier, a reliable, cost-effective and innovative solution has been developed for quality control as preparation progresses: Solea, the preparation solution with weight control developed by Balea.

Since 2009, FM Logistic and its customer L’Oréal have been working in Russia on how to reduce the costs of control operations while maintaining or even improving quality standards. FM Logistic and L'Oréal elected to work with Balea, specialists of on-board weighing, to find a preparation solution incorporating weight control.

The range of preparation solutions with weight control that allows qualitative control in real time was selected because there are a number of distribution channels:

A range of innovative solutions:

  • FANGO: this is a unit preparation truck that can prepare up to four orders at the same time and is directly interfaced with the WMS.
  • PICKER: this truck has weighing forks and is used for preparing complete parcels.
  • PICKER MIXTE: technology that combines the two systems, thus making it possible to simultaneously prepare single orders and complete parcels.

"Based on our know-how and experience of order preparation, in 2008 we released SOLEA, a comprehensive control solution that can be applied to all industries. In 2009, we worked closely with FM LOGISTIC to integrate SOLEA in a system for a customer in Russia" explains Vassili COSMAS – Deputy General Manager of Balea.

The Solea solution is a very intuitive application that only calls for simple training in order to allow its use by the employees of FM Logistic in all the countries served by the Group. The scan checks the quality and the weight is inspected every time an item is placed on the support, making it possible to detect the presence or absence of a product very precisely.

Quality and high performance, a commitment taken on and met by FM Logistic for its customers, as shown by the example of Russia

Solea was first put in place in 2010 for unit preparation, with the aim of increasing productivity by 25%; today, it is delivering results, with a quality rate that is in line with the customer's requirements. After that first success, FM Logistic has decided to put the solution in place for parcel preparation.

A mature solution that is now ready for a large-scale rollout

FM Logistic has put in place an ambitious deployment plan: "We have identified 30 priority cases to which the solution would add value and plan to invest € 1.5 million to deploy it in 2014 and 2015. All our industries and countries will be concerned by it. We believe that providing innovative solutions to our customers must be a top priority" concludes Jean-Marc TOLINI – Continual Improvement Manager of FM Logistic Group.

About FM Logistic

Founded in Lorraine in 1967, FM Logistic is a key player in the areas of warehousing, transport, co-packing and supply chain. The international, independent, family-owned group is an expert in the logistics markets of FMCG, industry, fragrances/beauty and health.

Present in 12 countries and with more than 18,700 staff, FM Logistic achieved a turnover of more than a billion euros at year-end on 31 March 2014, up 18% on the previous financial year.

In addition to internationalization, the development of FM Logistic is focused on a strong policy of innovation, which is carried out with respect for the environment. Within this context the group is a pioneer of ‘pooling’ (the pooled management of transport and logistics resources), a concept for which it has received many professional awards over recent years. Environmentally responsible through conviction, in 2014 FM Logistic joined the Green Freight Europe program, an independent initiative aimed at improving the ecological performance of freight transport in Europe.

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About Balea

Balea was set up in France by weighing specialists and has been researching, developing, designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative solutions since 1987. Balea is the first on-board weighing company to have secured Class III approval across Europe, and is investing extensively in research and development. That proactive approach has allowed Balea to acquire leadership in terms of innovation with a strong image and high responsiveness to all the new forms of application possible. To date, Balea has filed 19 trademarks and 15 invention patents.

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