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Citylogin environmental vans began delivering small cargo downtown. The project has been approved by the Expert Council on Ecology and Environmental Management under the Government of the Russian Federation.


Citylogin is part of a large, complex project to manage the entire supply chain of FM Logistic. Distribution centers in the vicinity of the city center and small mobile vans guarantee prompt and environmentally friendly deliveries for retailers. The project is designed to address freight problems in the centers of historic cities, where traffic restrictions are in place. Citylogin has already been launched in such European capitals as Rome and Madrid, and is popular with the owners of medium and small shops.


In Russia, FM Logistic purchased two IVECO Daily passenger trucks in order to quickly deliver high-turnover goods to Moscow downtown. The advantage of the methane-powered vans is their reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution. The program uses zero CO2-emitting vehicles, which is 25 per cent less than the Euro-5 standard. A special feature of the CityLogin project in Russia is the equipping of environmental machines with additional safety equipment for the transport of expensive goods.


The vans deliver the necessary goods within the prescribed time-limit of 24 to 48 hours, including in the historical parts of the city center, which is not accessible for bigger trucks. The maximum capacity of such vans is of 10 m3. The delivery takes place on a daily basis to many shopping malls and boutiques in Moscow.


"Our company notes an increasing interest in environmental issues and the reduction of harmful effects on the environment. In many European countries, conservation, recycling, green logistics and other projects have already been implemented. For most international companies, whether producers or retailers, minimizing harmful effects on the environment is one of the key values. As service providers, we are ready to support such clients within the framework of their requests, and to work together to establish a system of safe and efficient logistics," says Christophe Menivard (General Director FM Logistic for Central and Eastern Europe).




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