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At the warehouse, order preparation is one of the most sensitive steps. According to a study covering several dozen sites*, it represented on average more than half the hours worked.

To optimise travel time for people preparing orders, particularly for small orders, we often resort to multi-order or multi-support picking missions, commonly called PMO (Picking Multi Order).

More productive for small orders, this process is complex and can sometimes lead to quality problems: a product is put on the wrong support and an incorrect order is dispatched.

For FM Logistic, international contractor, productivity gains leading to implementation of PMO cannot be sought at the expense of service quality.

To overcome the constraints associated with multi-order preparation, FM Logistic and its partner Balea have developed the 'Put to light' solution. This solution combines the knowledge of the specialist in industrial control systems, the Group's partner since 2009, with FM Logistic's pragmatism: it can be fitted to any type of forklift truck, combining adaptability and flexibility to give proven improvements in quality and productivity.

Simple and flexible innovation

The 'Put to light' system consists of a panel fitted with an illuminated display. This tells the operator the quantity of packages to be placed and 'lights' the support on which the order should be placed. Suitable for multi-order preparation, the 'Put to light' innovation combines a great many advantages:

  • Adaptable, the panel is a universal 'Plug & Play' solution that is simply fitted to the footplate of forklift trucks and operates from their batteries, without a complex interface.
  • Flexible, the design can accept up to 6 displays and illuminated signals, as needed, using a system of rails allowing the configuration to be adjusted to meet demand. The panel is also height-adjustable to fit different supports (pallets, rolls, etc.).
  • Compatible with radio terminals, but also with voice control, it enables hubs with conventional equipment to optimise intralogistics flows and traceability of goods.

Reliability and ergonomics

The 'Put to light' concept is perfectly matched to current order preparation methods. The dynamic display makes it possible to eliminate pallet identification and checking operations, so making the preparation phase more fluid.

Voice control can be maintained: as part of the system it provides fool proof control.

Result: practically zero risk of error, ensuring increased efficiency and productivity.

Tested for 2 months on an FM Logistic site in Poland, it has been particularly well received by people preparing orders, who highlighted: its reliability (error-free picking), its functional nature (compatible with different types of supports) and ergonomics (less fatigue reported at end of the day) for equivalent or even higher quality, compared to a conventional solution.

(Source: Operating your logistics hub, by M. Roux and G. Fleury – 2012).

Questioned about the impact of 'Put to light' on the Group's hubs, Karine Bouchery, FM Logistic Innovation Manager, stated: "This innovative solution meets a real need for the Group's users and customers. It has already been ordered by Poland and will soon be ordered by Russia. And because it is fully compatible, using Wi-Fi technology, we ultimately plan to deploy it internationally on all our PMO activities."

About FM Logistic

Founded in Lorraine in 1967, FM Logistic is a key player in the areas of warehousing, transport, co-packing and supply chain. The international, independent, family-owned group is an expert in the logistics markets of FMCG, industry, fragrances/beauty and health.

Present in 12 countries and with more than 18,700 staff, FM Logistic achieved a turnover of more than a billion euros at year-end on 31 March 2014, up 18% on the previous financial year.

In addition to internationalization, the development of FM Logistic is focused on a strong policy of innovation, which is carried out with respect for the environment. Within this context the group is a pioneer of ‘pooling’ (the pooled management of transport and logistics resources), a concept for which it has received many professional awards over recent years. Environmentally responsible through conviction, in 2014 FM Logistic joined the Green Freight Europe program, an independent initiative aimed at improving the ecological performance of freight transport in Europe.

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About Balea

Balea was set up in France by weighing specialists and has been researching, developing, designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative solutions since 1987. Balea is the first on-board weighing company to have secured Class III approval across Europe, and is investing extensively in research and development. That proactive approach has allowed Balea to acquire leadership in terms of innovation with a strong image and high responsiveness to all the new forms of application possible. To date, Balea has filed 19 trademarks and 15 invention patents.

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