Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


A new concept of sustainable urban logistics

Madrid, Paris, Moscow, Prague, Rome... Congestion in megalopolises is a reality. More than ever, deliveries of goods in the city centers are a major source of nuisances: pollution, noise, traffic jam... Rome is one of the first European city to take action to address this challenge by sharply restricting the access to its historic center to combustion vehicles.

To get ready to this change, we created CityLogin, an innovative concept, a solution based on pooling of logistics and transportation means of the last kilometer. A collaborative and sustainable solution that creates value for all supply chain stakeholders. Today, FM Logistic is extending this concept to other major European cities.

A sustainable and efficient urban solution:

Improve your sales efficiency

Facilitate the logistics at the store

Improve the salesman efficiency

Ease the implementation of a cross channel experience for your consumers

Decrease your environment footprint

Reduce the congestion in the city

Decrease the emission (health pollutant and greenhouse gas) thanks to clean deliveries

Drop down the noise in the city

Upgrade your brand reputation

Show concrete actions for the environment

Communicate on the savings made thanks to your decision