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La logique des transports urbain

Sustainable development

As an independent and family-owned company, FM Logistic places sustainability at the heart of its mission and strategic vision: "Teams creating solutions for a sustainable supply chain enabling a better quality of life". In 2018, FM Logistic embarked on a new sustainable development programme based on three pillars: taking care of its employees, improving the environmental footprint of its activities and developing services for a sustainable supply chain. This programme, which reflects the results of an internal and external consultation, is being implemented in all countries where the Group operates.

Impact Report

FM Logistic is committed to providing its stakeholders with accurate and reliable data on the impacts of its activities on society and the environment. This information is published in an interactive report that highlights the solutions implemented by FM Logistic for a sustainable supply chain

Discover the Impact report


Commitment for CO2 emissions limitation

FM Logistic is daily committed to limit its CO2 emissions.

Discover here some of its solutions implemented on its platforms.


Management Systems

FM Logistic bases its sustainable development approach
on a three tier management system that is implemented 
across the company, countries and logistic sites



FM Logistic has always aimed to satisfy its stakeholders, in the way sustainably and equitably