Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


FM Logistic: a company driven by respect for human relations


  • Company soft skills incorporating know-how

    "Soft skills resulting from our company’s history, a company that wants to remain independent and, thanks to motivated and committed men and women, develop its capacities to secure its future. The attitudes and conduct of managers and staff members are defined in accordance with our values. The spirit of FM Logistic can be found at each site and illustrates, along with our ethics charter, the personality of our company. Our challenge is to perpetuate our values, our culture and our ethics through our international development.


    FM Logistic has greatly evolved and grown since defining its values in 2007. In order to reflect the reality of our company as well as its evolving strategic, organisational and managerial challenges, these values must evolve and be agreed upon by all our team members.  Our three values stem from the answers given by 74% of our employees in a survey, followed by group discussions between more than 250 staff members who elaborated on the meaning of the words chosen. Our three values « Trust, Performance and Openness » are coherent with our history and inspire us to go further.  They guide our decisions and strengthen the feeling of belonging to the company. Each manager brings these values to life within their teams through the development of initiatives that enrich our culture, to ensure that FM Logistic’s values last and become a reference for every employee."


    Marie-Laure Faure, Group Values and Shareholder Relations Director


FM Foundation

For its 50th anniversary, FM Group decided to reinforce its social responsibility by creating a corporate foundation.


FM Foundation aims to support, accompany and co-build social innovation projects, initiated and led by the employees of the Group in the areas of insertion and childhood.


It favors projects of general interest located near its current or future sites.


FM Foundation encourages the sponsorship of skills of its employees to increase the social impact of projects it supports.