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Warehousing and Logistic Services

Scalability / Modularity / Experience
  • 1/3

    of CO2 emissions from FM Logistic came from warehousing activity

  • 2030

    Carbon neutrality in platforms (1-2 scope)

  • 14

    locations with LEED™ and HQE® eco design certifications at group level

  • 4 millions

    million square meters of surface area at group level

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Logistic Warehousing

FM Logistic is a leading logistics solutions company which offers a highly efficient and customized warehousing service. Contracting the warehousing service with us has many benefits, such as cost reduction and storage space optimization, allowing companies to focus on their core business and improve the efficiency of their supply chain. In addition, we have advanced management systems and highly trained staff, ensuring the safety and quality of your product storage. All of this translates into increased customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our warehousing solutions

  • Warehousing and load preparation

    We offer integral warehousing and load preparation services for companies which are looking for the optimization of their logistic processes. Our warehousing service includes a personalized management of products and the application of efficient warehousing techniques, such as crossdocking, load consolidation and picking. 

    Moreover, our load preparation service allows the handling of products for their suitable distribution, also the orders processing and the classification of products according to their characteristics. We have highly trained staff, advanced management systems and cutting-edge technology that ensures the safety and quality of all the processes. All of this translates into increased customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Ecommerce warehousing

    We offer a specialized ecommerce warehousing service. This service is focused on the efficiency of inventory management and order processing, with the objective of minimizing deliveries time and improving the client experience. We use advanced technology for the inventory management and the order fulfillment process, which allow us to have a faster and more precise process. In addition, our service includes ecommerce platforms integration and the customization of logistics solutions according to the client necessities.

    With our ecommerce warehousing service we help companies to improve their competitiveness and expand their business in the digital marketplace.

  • Cross docking service

    Our crossdocking service is focused on the optimization of our customers supply chain. The crossdocking activity consists in the cargo reception and its distribution without an intermediate warehouse, which allows us to reduce deliveries time and warehousing costs. At FM Logistic we have the advanced technology needed for the inventory management and the coordination of logistic processes, that provide a high efficiency and precision along all the processes.

    Furthermore, our service includes the customization of logistic solutions according to the client necessities, which guarantee more flexibility and adaptability. Our cross docking service helps our customers to improve their competitiveness and expand their business in the marketplace.

  • Reverse logistic

    We offer reverse logistic services for companies that need to manage devolution of products or materials. Our reverse logistic service optimized the devolution process minimizing  deliveries time and associated costs, and improving the customer experience. We have advanced technology and highly trained staff that guarantee the highest quality and security from the beginning to the end of the process.

    In addition, our service is adapted to the specific needs of our clients, which provide more flexibility and adaptability. With our reverse logistic service we can help companies to improve their relationship with clients, minimize devolution costs and improve the supply chain efficiency. 

  • Tax storage

    We also offer tax storage services for those companies which need to manage the import of products from the European Union.

    Our tax storage service allows us to provide solutions to fulfill tax and custom agent regulations, reducing deliveries associated costs and improving the efficiency of inventory management. 

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Why choose FM Logistc as a warehouse partner?

  • Locations

    We have nine locations throughout the Peninsula where we provide warehousing services. We are present in Illescas, Valls, Puigpelat, Port of Barcelona, Villaverde, Ferrol and Ribarroja. We have occupied, in relation to the storage of our customers, almost 400.000M2. All the warehouses where we operate are located in privileged geographical locations.

    Our reference warehouse, and headquarter of FM Logistic in Spain, is located in Illescas, where we have 58,000M2 occupied and 20,000M2 more under construction. This warehouse offers potential characteristics such as: flexibility to the growth of the needs of its customers and the synergies of being in a multi-customer environment thanks to its privileged geographical location. The platform is located in the barycenter of the Iberian Peninsula, which allows Iberian distribution in less than 24 hours, and less than 40 km from Madrid, which facilitates last mile distribution in the capital.

  • One Roof

    Our One Roof solution enables end-to-end supply chain management in one place, resulting in greater efficiency, speed and quality throughout the logistics process. With the One Roof solution companies can centralize their inventory management, warehousing, order picking, transportation and distribution, reducing delivery times and costs associated with logistics.

    In addition, we use advanced technology and have a team of highly trained professionals, ensuring safety and quality throughout the process. The One Roof solution also adapts to the specific needs of each client, allowing for greater flexibility and adaptability.

  • Eco Friendly warehouses

    FM Logistic warehouses are eco friendly because we strive to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices in all our operations. To this end, FM Logistic implements measures such as the optimization of energy and water consumption, waste management and the use of cutting-edge technology to reduce its carbon footprint. In addition, we focus on promoting sustainable practices with our customers and suppliers in order to create a more responsible and environmentally friendly supply chain.

    In Spain all our facilities are 100% powered by renewable energy as of the end of 2021. Additionally, our reference warehouse and headquarter of FM Logistic in Spain, Illescas, has LEED Gold sustainability certification in all its modules.

  • Pooling

    Our pooling service offers significant added value to our customers and business partners. By sharing resources and equipment with other partners, we can improve operational efficiency and reduce logistics and transportation costs.

    In addition, pooling also offers flexibility in supply chain management, allowing us to adapt quickly to changing market needs and improve the quality of customer service. By working closely with our pooling partners, we can ensure the availability and optimal use of resources and equipment, which in turn improves productivity and reduces the environmental impact on the supply chain.

How we partner with you

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Boost your sales thanks to 3PL expertise on warehousing

Having the right warehouse in the right place is just the beginning. We take into account environmental footprint to propose the most efficient and sustainable design of your supply chain. Innovation through technology and flawless execution of warehouse operations generate significant benefits by reducing lead times and stock levels. Building a strong partnership with your teams and all the third parties involved in your supply chain can also help improve sales, whether in a pure B2B or omnichannel configuration. When it comes to sustainability, we take into account environmental footprint to propose the most efficient and sustainable design of your supply chain. Our warehousing services help you focus on the right measures to reduce the impact of your operations, reduce waste and enable you to create a competitive advantage through greener ways of storing, handling, packaging and ultimately delivering your products.

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Strengthen your competitive edges through optimised warehousing services

Whether you are looking to combine activities – multiple brands or B2B and B2C flows – or build dedicated solutions for a particular stock, we believe that flexibility and scalability will be key. We have developed an innovative “one-roof” model. It offers a wide range of warehousing services in one place, mutualising resources, maximising space utilisation and consolidating business multi-activities. Because our progress is your progress, for us automation and process innovation has to be for the sake of efficiency, sustainability and safety, to serve the interest of all.

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Secure your product flaws with seamless supply chain

As a leading logistics provider, our mission is to deliver the right goods, to the right place, at the right time and in the most sustainable way possible, for the benefit of all. To achieve this, we make sure that the flow of goods and information is seamless. Our warehousing services include a wide range of tracking solutions to ensure complete traceability of operations. We also ensure that information flows as smoothly as the goods. We have developed open IT systems and strive to produce the right data to enable us to collaborate with our customers. We are devoted to offer our best capabilities and people to establish a lasting and trusted partnership.

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Why trust in FM Logistc the warehousing services?

  • Sustainability

    At FM Logistic we are committeæd to reduce the environmental impact in the supply chain, working in partnership with our customers to develop sustainable logistics and transportation solutions. These solutions include route optimization and the use of low-emission vehicles, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to fighting against climate change. By working closely with customers to implement sustainable solutions, we help reduce the environmental impact of the supply chain, while providing significant added value for our customers in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

    We offer an element of differentiation by focusing on green hydrogen as an alternative fuel for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We have become the first logistics company in Spain to have a hydrogen plant in our facilities. It is located in our logistics warehouse in Illescas.

  • Innovation

    As a company committed to the development and adoption of innovative technologies, we work closely with our customers to identify opportunities for improvement and to implement innovative solutions that improve efficiency and reduce costs. Innovative technologies include the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics, which enable further automation and optimization in supply chain management. In addition, we also offer customized solutions to our customers, designed to meet their specific business needs and help them stay ahead in a changing and competitive market environment.

    We also offer a put-to-light system, balea, warehouse management system Reflex, econtrol image picking and vision inventory.

  • Social commitment

    We offer significant added value in terms of social commitment by actively working to improve the social and economic conditions of the locations in which we operate. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and to promoting respect for human rights in our operations and supply chain. In addition, we are dedicated to local job creation, employee training and development, and to promoting diversity and inclusion in the company. Finally, through the FM Foundation, we are committed to supporting social initiatives and projects related to social integration and children by working together with social organizations close to our locations.

    Similarly, we have a program called Blue Hearts, which supports employee initiatives linked to a particular hobby and presented as a project to be shared collectively with colleagues. In this way, we encourage our employees to share their hobbies or passions with their colleagues.

  • Quality

    • LEED Gold Certification: Leader in Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design, refers to buildings built with eco efficiency and sustainability standards.
    • HQE Certification: High Quality Environmental, guarantees high environmental standards, energy efficiency, wellbeing and safety.
    • High Protected Risk (HPR) Certificate: Highly Protected Risk, guarantees compliance with all property protection standards.
    • Ecovadis Gold, the highest certification in corporate social responsibility.
    • ISO 9001 ISO 14001
  • Nearness

    We are very committed to long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We believe that the success of our operations lies in close relationships with people, flexibility and resilience.

    Moreover, taking care of our people is at the core of our DNA. The success of our logistics operator lies in our commitment to our employees. We believe that having happy, contented and motivated employees, and being committed to their flexibility and work-life balance, is the key to business success and growth.

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