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Our logistics solutions are tailored for the Beauty and Luxury market. Safety, sustainability and agility to handle different routes to market are our top priorities to drive the change in Beauty and Luxury supply chain.

Our logistics solutions are tailored for the Beauty and Luxury market. Safety, sustainability and agility to handle different routes to market are our top priorities to drive the change in Beauty and Luxury supply chain.

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Our Beauty & Luxury logistics services

There are different challenges or opportunities the Luxury and Beauty industry is facing. Fast fashion, sustainable beauty, affordable luxury or personalised shopping experience are one of those.

Moreover, technology, sustainability considerations and new entrants are changing consumer expectations. That’s why cosmetics companies need to take transportation and logistics considerations into account to ease any long-term supply chain and demand challenges.

FM Logistic supports its beauty and luxury customers to develop products and supply chain models that meet growing consumer demands and high expectations for brand experience. We offer a broad portfolio of high-quality luxury and beauty supply chain services, from omnichannel fulfillment to co-packing solutions and specific transport services (reverse, last mile…), tailored to luxury markets, enabling brands to reflect their image and commitments to people and the planet in their supply chain. 

Let’s drive the change in supply chain together

Innovation and encouraging established brands to think differently about products, packaging, environmental responsibility and routes to market is what we do. Brands must increasingly turn to innovative beauty and luxury supply chain services to maintain their competitive edge. Let’s share views and build solutions together

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Guarantee the safety of your supply chain

At FM Logistic, safety is at the heart of our concerns. From transport to warehousing, we continuously put our efforts to offer our customers the safest solutions available. Managing hazardous goods and providing a safe, traceable and compliant environment at all times are part of our expertise. Your goods are treated with the utmost care and according to the strictest standards: management of dangerous goods, access control, anti-intrusion systems, rigorous selection and management of personnel. Each FM Logistic warehouse has a dedicated person in charge of the management of hazardous goods, from the respect of warehousing rules to the training of employees. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best of our capabilities, FM Logistic has 20 sites compliant  with the Seveso directive, and is the first owner of Seveso sites in France.

FM Logistic implements very high standard procedures for its customers, on all platforms, to ensure high quality operations and product safety. With our blockchain technology, we ensure complete traceability from the product to the consumer. The efficiency and performance of our customers is our priority.

Make your logistics operations a key component of your responsible strategy

At FM Logistic, we are driven by the will to always do more for the environment. We continuously work on innovative ways to act for Supply Change. Regarding our transport solutions, we propose greener routes to our customers but also greener vehicles. For instance, our last mile solution uses sustainable transportation for our urban distribution. From hydrogen vehicles to cargo bikes, we use eco-friendly transport solutions to fit customers’ expectations. More than just our transport solutions, we work to be at the forefront in our warehousing activities. Our platforms are compliant with the highest standards in terms of sustainability and we promote neutral carbon warehouses.

More than just acting in favor of the planet, at FM Logistic, we also put our efforts to empower our people. To do so, we have created a special social inclusivity program such as FMEA to help specific populations to access work and apprenticeship. We make no difference and we strive to give the same opportunity to everyone, working together to achieve the same goal: acting for a better tomorrow.

Multiply, mutualise, customise and succeed in your different routes to market

Our omnichannel beauty and luxury logistics services encompass multiple routes to market in one single supply chain. This opens up opportunities to optimise, streamline processing and achieve synergies of different flows to different channels and markets without disruption 

Managing B2B and B2C flows in an agile and efficient way is possible. Either it is to accelerate the launch of a new channel or secure the ramp up of a fast growing single, omnichannel supply chain is the solution. Combining channels in one flow enables to leverage the robustness of established supply chains benefitting the others for more stability, speed  and synergies. In the same mindset, we also develop our “One Roof” solutions allowing Beauty & Luxury manufacturers and Distributors to share the same premises. Thanks to these solutions, we push one step further the warehousing and transport mutualisation, removing useless movements and combining shipments when appropriate.

As a fact, we know that unpacking, delivery and packaging customisation contribute greatly to the brand experience.

As Europe’s leading co-packing expert, we provide a wide range of co-packing solutions (display, gift wrap, sleeves…). 

Our goal is to reconcile brand experience with brand commitments through plastic-free solutions for ecommerce, leveraging our expertise in eco-design of packaging. We offer lean beauty supply chain services, as well as dedicated carbon-neutral last-mile operations.

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