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  • Why join FM Logistic?

    At FM Logistic, we go above and beyond every day to find creative solutions to the challenges of the rapidly changing supply chain industry.

  • 28,600

    employees worldwide

  • 80%

    in operations

  • 42%

    of our team members are women

  • 4.2/5

    is our overall rating as an employer by Choose My Company

We power our business and the supply chain by empowering our people.

We are driven by our collective entrepreneurial spirit and shared passion for making supply chains more sustainable. We are excited to go above and beyond every day to make our workplace better and safer and to find solutions to the challenges of the rapidly changing supply chain industry.


How we shape our culture

Joining FM Logistic means joining a company where everyone can be a driving force in making supply chains more sustainable and building a better future.

We truly empower our employees to make a difference for our company, our customers, our communities and our planet. Our culture is rooted in entrepreneurial spirit and we are passionate about exploring new territory. We act as a team and harness the power of collective intelligence to create lasting change. The success and well-being of everyone is at the heart of our human resources strategy: our top priority is to provide safe and fair working conditions where people can thrive. We are, and want to remain, recognized as best-in-class when it comes to employee well-being. Opportunities for career advancement and training are plentiful, and we are excited to challenge ourselves every day. 

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Diversity & Inclusion

At FM Logistic, we are convinced that collective work is the key to the efficiency and performance needed to lead sustainable change. Teams are stronger from their members’ diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We want to make room for all of them.

Our Group is committed to offer an inclusive environment where everyone is safe, feels well and can contribute to success, both their own and the one of the company. We trust each other, we are open to new encounters and we create performance all together. This allows us to learn from one another and to grow collectively.

These convictions come to life in our daily actions. We do not tolerate any discriminating behaviours and everyone – either candidates, team members, customers, suppliers or partners – is offered a fair journey with us. They can expect an environment where each individual is respected and valued, and they shall abide by this principle too.

Non-discrimination is not enough. We are determined to proactively implement practices promoting diversity and inclusion, in every country where we operate. We are engaged in a worldwide programme to ensure a common level of awareness and commitment on these topics. Through our monitored actions, we are improving our communication, training and processes, for a more inclusive workplace.

You too, join the moment.

Let’s grow together, let’s supply change.

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Learn more about our commitments:

  • Committed to “supply change”

    we believe that everyone can be a driving force in building a better future.

  • Caring for your success and well-being

    we learn from and care for each other.

  • Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit

    we have inherited the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders since 1957.

  • Believing in collective impact

    we are a team-oriented company and our collective work is the key to success and efficiency.

Egapro Index 2022: 91/100

To measure this score, 4 indicators were evaluated:

  • 36/40

    Wage gap between women and men

  • 35/35

    Gap in the rate of wage growth between women and men

  • 15/15

    % of employees who received a raise in the year following their return from maternity leave

  • 5/10

    Number of employees of the under-represented gender among the 10 highest wage

Our awards

  • Top Employer France 2023

    For the 8th consecutive year, we have been certified Top Employer France 2023 with a score of 88,6%, highlighting the quality of the human resources policies that FM Logistic offers to its employees.

  • HappyIndex®Trainees 2021

    With more than 81.6% of positive opinions and an overall score of 4.09/5, FM Logistic is among the best companies regarding the reception and development of trainees.

  • HappyIndex®AtWork For Starters 2021

    With more than 74.1% positive reviews and an overall score of 4.35/5, FM Logistic is among the best companies in the world for young talent starting their careers.

  • Great Place to Work® India

    This certification is the first step in building a culture of trust and high performance and FM Logistic has successfully completed this step.

  • Best Company Award 2020

    FM Logistic is ranked 2nd best employer in the logistics sphere in Russia and is among the TOP 100 best companies according to students to start a career.

  • Randstad Award 2020

    FM Logistic won the Best Company Award in the logistics sector in Russia for its attractiveness according to the Randstad Employer Brand Study.

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    By joining our warehouses, we offer you the opportunity to develop your skills, to benefit from a management based on respect and consideration and safe working conditions.

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    Our office and support teams need you! Come be part of the development of a global logistics leader committed to a sustainable future. Make an impact by joining FM Logistic in its expansion.

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    You have talent and ambition? We need you! Whatever your profile and experience, come and take part in the development of a world leader in logistics committed to a sustainable future.


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