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Consumer and market trends
Consumer and market trends

Customisation: how Blédina counts on the supply chain to create unique meal boxes

How logistics plays a key role in the lauching and evolution of Bledina’s new offer “Comme un jeu d’enfant” (child’s play).

On April 27, 2018

Meeting the expectations of young, active and 100% connected parents is one of the ambitions of Blédina-the French leader in baby nutrition. Alexandre Hay, Logistics Manager France at Blédina, explains how logistics is key for the launch and evolution of its new offer “Comme un jeu d’enfant” (child’s play).

Comme un jeu d’enfant”: an online à la carte offre

Before building this offer we’ve conducted interviews with 60 active parents. We had to take into account their new consumption patterns: 100% connected, looking for simple and turnkey solutions to prepare their baby’s meals. Based on the following statements, we designed our offer: “We do a thousand things at once, but we like that! “, “Out of questions to give up on giving them the best!” “Time is running out to find ideas!”…

In a few clicks, we offer them the perfect mix of simplicity and baby nutrition expertise. Morning & evening meals, lunchbox, whole week meals…all our recipes are crafted by a nutritionist and adapted for babies from 4 to 24 months. Each box includes a recipe booklet, ready-made meals, adapted milk, nutritional coaching and a surprise for parents. Inspiring, reassuring, practical and fun … a real breeze. To make those boxes come to life, the challenge is to ensure full customisation under strict food security compliance.

Providing children with healthy, high-quality and earth-friendly food is a big responsibility! That’s why our partners have to respect very strict specifications. For example, we must be able to trace the detailed journey of all ingredients, from the raw materials to the finished product, in less than 2 hours.

Supply chain and marketing: for an experience 100% personalised, 100% secure

Once the marketing strategy is defined, the logistics teams take over for the implementation of a global action plan- from the packaging design to end-consumer direct delivery. At this stage, the proactivity and innovative ideas of the FM Logistic’s teams make all the difference. Food safety, efficiency of processes, and quality of each box preparation, the 3-PL accompanies us throughout the life cycle of our products. Our aim is to provide a unique customer experience, thanks to high levels of customisation, therefore our concept is constantly evolving and the box preparation processes tends to evolve.

Today, we are testing to engrave baby’s name on the food pots. Sleeving or serigraphy … the process is not yet 100% defined but delayed differentiation, at the heart of the logistics warehouse, offers us irrefutable flexibility and agility. Know-how and accuracy in the preparation of boxes are crucial! With our partner, FM Logistic, we test out all new ideas instantaneously, on a small scale, at a lower cost, and in total safety!

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