Last mile: with CityLogin, Sephora commits to a clean urban logistics

SEPHORA opts for an electric fleet dedicated to urban logistics and optimizes last-mile delivery in European city centers.

On April 20, 2018

By 2050, the European Union must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80%-in comparison to 1990 levels. Increasing urbanisation and development of convenience stores in the city centres do not make the task easier. That’s why an increasing number of European metropolises are intensifying restrictions on the circulation of delivery vehicles. Recrudescence of pedestrian zones, framed and limited delivery schedules, anti-noise, and anti-pollution measures… Today, 264 Low Emission Zones (LEZ) of very variable size are in force in Europe – from a few km² to the entire agglomeration. Consistent with head office’s conviction, SEPHORA opts for an electric fleet dedicated to city logistics and optimises last mile delivery.

Clean and sustainable urban logistics

Leading environmentally friendly activities is at the heart of SEPHORA’s global development policy. A directive that makes perfect sense in the field of transport, and even more when it comes to urban logistics as most of the SEPHORA boutiques are located in the heart of the cities. How to reach downtown stores in a clean and responsible way? How to satisfy an ultra-urban and connected consumer, familiar with “everything, immediately, everywhere and at any time” thanks to pure players such as Amazon? SEPHORA has found the answer: CityLogin, an urban and ecological city logistics solution. Its ambition: to limit the impact of goods delivery (pollution, noise, traffic jam …) in the heart of cities, relying on small warehouses located in the outskirts of the city centres and on hybrid or electric vehicles for pooled delivery rounds.

Since summer 2015, in Italy, cleaner vehicles ensure 100% urban deliveries. Committed to reducing logistics activities environmental footprint, the CityLogin fleet goes into operation early in the morning and generates no noise pollution for residents. An experience that SEPHORA Italy recommends to its European counterparts. Madrid and Barcelona were inspired by the Italian model and also deployed a clean and responsible last mile organisation. Stores can then improve their turnover because shop replenishing and e-commerce orders management are both becoming more agile. This model guarantees deliveries in one hour or D + 1 as needed. A full urban logistics solution, sustainable and efficient to serve both, stores and the end consumer.

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