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La logique des transports urbain

Your career at FM Logistic


FM Logistic is a fast-growing international group that needs your skills to accompany our growth, business transformation and company culture.

There are a great many career choices: operational or support functions? Handling, expertise or management? Warehousing, transport or copacking? Sales, HR, finance, legal, marketing, methods… Diverse professions and opportunities with exciting challenges are just waiting for you.

There are countless success stories at FM Logistic. Many of our staff members started their careers at FM Logistic as trainees or operators and now have managerial or expertise posts.
There is no typical career path at FM Logistic. Your career will be what you decide to make it according to what motivates you, your skills and the multiple opportunities that present themselves to you within our fast-growing group in full transformation

Throughout your career you will be guided by your managers and our HR teams. Your skills will be taken into consideration but your personality counts too, your motivations and the way you embrace our company values and culture.


In 2013, FM Logistic created FM University, Group corporate university created to complete the already-numerous training schemes organised by the training teams in our 14 countries.

The creation of FM University with the deployment of international programmes and a digital training tool demonstrates the importance that FM Logistic places in its staff development.

At FM Logistic you’ll be trained in security as well as business, personal development and managerial techniques. Whatever your profession and career project, there are training programmes to suit you. 

In addition to the training programmes provided by countries individually, international programmes offer development opportunities and the possibility to meet and work with colleagues from other countries in a rich multi-cultural group environment: these programmes are currently available to young graduates in the “Young Graduate Future Moves” project, to our future platform directors, transport directors and top management.

E-learning modules are also available to staff in all Group languages. 

In 2018 the team in charge of Talent Development won the silver U-Spring trophy in the “Learning and talent management” category.

Certification Label

By joining FM Logistic, you will integrate a community where the people count the most: recognized for excellence in HR and managerial practices, FM Logistic was awarded Top
Employer 2016, 2017 and 2018 in France. FM Logistic is one of the best companies to start a career in: Awarded certification labels Happy at Work for Starters in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and Happy Trainees France 2016-2017 and Happy Trainees Europe 2018, as well as Friendly Employer in Poland and The most attractive employer in sphere of logistics 2018 in Russia.

Take a look at a few of the testimonials from staff surveys:

  • “The atmosphere and values” Happy starters 2018 survey
  • “The versatility and trust from my managers” Happy starters 2018 survey
  • “The autonomy and trust given to trainees as well as the opportunity to take part in all of the areas that interest me.” Happy trainees 2018 survey
  • “The personalised welcome, the continued guidance, the involvement of staff in the trainee’s programme. The warm and family atmosphere. Respect towards people and the company values. It’s a great company to work for, really motivating and stimulating!” Happy trainees 2018 survey
  • “Family spirit and winner approach”. Happy trainees 2018 survey
  • “My team is very close. My Manager gives me freedom and trust.” Happy trainees 2018 survey
  • “I appreciate the fact that my Manager listens to my suggestions, taking every one of my ideas seriously and giving me reasons for accepting them or not.” Happy trainees 2018 survey