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FM Foundation
FM Foundation

A new graduating class

The end of the academic year for the two classes of our Logistics School at the Canoas and São Paulo platforms in Brazil.

On March 21, 2024

The project

The 28 beneficiaries of our Logistics School in Brazil have just graduated with smiles on their faces. These young people aged between 16 and 19, who are in socially vulnerable situations, have successfully completed their training at the Logistics School run by the Fundação Projeto Pescar. This nine-month course was made possible thanks to the commitment of FM Logistic employees. In total, this year 34 mentors gave over 1,600 hours of training to the beneficiaries of this programme.

Since 2018, 68 young people have been trained and have found a job following this training or have decided to continue their studies. 120 FM Logistic employees have been involved, corresponding to a total of 4,872 hours of skills sponsorship. The teachers pass on their know-how specific to their profession, but also the life skills required in the world of work, such as communication, social relations, citizenship, etc. A comprehensive training programme that opens many doors for disadvantaged young people.

Who is Fundação Projeto Pescar?

The social work carried out by the Pescar Foundation began in 1976. Its aim is to promote opportunities for personal development, citizenship and professional initiation for young people at social risk, through partnerships with companies and organisations. FM Foundation and Fundação Projeto Pescar have been working together for 3 years, a long-lasting and beneficial partnership for all those involved in the Logistics School.

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