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United for #GivingTuesday2023

FM Foundation is once again involved in Giving Tuesday 2023, with 54 platforms in 11 countries helping over 6,000 beneficiaries.

On January 12, 2024

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is an annual worldwide movement of generosity. It takes place after Thanksgiving at the end of November, in response to the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It began in 2012 in the United States and is now present in over 100 countries. Its purpose is to encourage and celebrate giving, involvement and solidarity around the world, so that society becomes aware of the importance of giving and mobilizing to help each other.

FM Foundation gets involved for Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a key annual event for FM Foundation. Once again this year, thanks to the involvement of FM Logistic employees, a large number of collections have been organised.

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Donation of bricks of milk to 3 NGOs that look after children in need. In the local culture, this drink is considered an essential source of nutrients, contributing to the physical and cognitive development of children.

Czech Republic

Children from the Litoměřice orphanage have made Advent wreaths for FM Logistic employees in Lovosice. The funds raised will be used to finance an external activity.

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Collection and donation of office supplies, toys, sports equipment and clothing to the associations we support around our sites in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.


Numerous solidarity actions (12) with cakes baked by the FM Fresh team in Mszczonów, a fundraising event for the disabled child of an employee, joint actions with our customers, including furniture sales.

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Blood donation, games collection for the elderly and, above all, shared time at a facility for the elderly or disabled and involvement of the orphanage we cooperate with.


Collection of toys which were donated to two local organisations that we support, repair of watches to support a festive event and collection of sports equipment which were donated to the Emmaüs Défi organisation that we also support.

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Collection and donation of toys and clothing to the SOS Children organisation, which we support. The employees were particularly generous and the children were obviously delighted.


Collecting clothes and raising funds for the Huong La Charity House organisation, which cares for orphans and children whose families are in very precarious situations.

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Solidarity Christmas market for La Casa de Aarón, collection of food and clothing for several associations, collection of clothing, food and basic necessities for the Red Cross, with a solidarity walk attended by around a hundred participants.


Coordination of a campaign entitled “Give a book and change a child’s story”, which resulted in the collection of more than 50 books donated to children at our partner Concordia’s primary school.

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Collection of toys and sports equipment on behalf of Emmaüs Défi, the association we support, as well as plentiful local initiatives for Secours Populaire and Croix Rouge, for example.

Giving Tuesday is an action supported by FM Foundation when it concerns social inclusion and children. However, our sites were free to carry out the action of their choice in the area that mobilises them.

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