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Supply Chain Performance
Supply Chain Performance

The new supply chain revolution: using digital technologies to design more eco-friendly, efficient and safer logistics

Uncover the digital technologies and their applications that will define the new supply chain revolution in the latest issue of 360° Logistic magazine.

On November 13, 2018

As with everything in our universe, the new supply chain revolution goes through phases. Each one brings with it new needs and expectations, from both consumers and peers, that logistics providers must overcome to continue thriving. Digital technologies have finally matured, ushering in one of these eras. And with it comes a new set of questions and challenges: How is smart retail changing supply chain services? How can IoT and other digital innovations transform the daily operations of logisticians? And how can pooling solve the most prevalent issues in logistics while also reducing its environmental footprint? The latest edition of 360° Logistic has the answers to all these and more.

Pooling: eco-friendly and profitable

Sustainability is a key issue that concerns us all, especially following the recent warnings from climate change experts. 360° Logistic’s feature piece explains how logistics pooling can pave the way for a more sustainable supply chain. On top of the potential to cut CO2 emissions by 20%, it also tackles common delivery issues (and urban challenges such as traffic and noise pollution), allows for more frequent and reliable deliveries, and much more. Even better, thanks to big data and the insights it offers, pooling initiatives are only set to get more efficient and effective as time goes on.

A Phygital revolution

The digital world is coming full circle, converging with the physical world from which it departed. On both the customer and logistics side, digital innovations are transforming our lives. Issue 7 of 360° Logistic decodes how this new technology can ensure supply chain companies meet the needs of omniconsumerism and the profound developments it will bring to the industry.

How smart retail is serving up fresh challenges for supply chain 4.0?
Technology giants and retail powerhouses are coming together to offer omniconsumers the smart retail experience they desire. Logistics providers must step up to face these new challenges and adapt to the paradigm shift.

Digital supply chain: a new way of doing logistics
Digital technology leaves no link in the supply chain unturned. With smart glasses supporting daily maintenance tasks and apps to simplify warehouse management, its value is immeasurable. Well that’s a lie: the new optimisation system at one of FM Logistic’s platforms has cut the time trucks spend on site by a 1/3. A very tangible figure.

The era of the digital supply chain is upon us.

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