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The phygital on a pedestal

At the NRF Retail's Big Show 2018, retailers are seizing artificial intelligence to upgrade the customer experience. Welcome to the Phygital era!

On June 15, 2018

Yes, the agility and resilience of the retailing players are continuously put to the test. First, it was about omnichannel and bots fluidifying the buying experience. Then, data, virtual reality and new services sounded the advent of a personalised and digital user experience. The next level of the retailing revolution is using artificial intelligence to upgrade the customer experience. As featured during the NRF Retail’s Big Show 2018: over the barriers between on and offline worlds, welcome to the Phygital era!

“Buy online, pick up in store!”

More than ever, retail is smart. IoT, robotics, virtual reality … disruptive models are shaking the industry. The motto: on and offline experiences should no longer cohabit but merge. Indeed, the physical store has begun its digital moult and is shifting to sensory, playful, scripted and engaging experiences. Because the delivered experience is the key to reaching an ever more volatile and demanding consumer.

The conclusions of NRF Retail’s Big Show 2018 are clear: the next model is “BOPUS – Buy online, pick up in store”. Thus, the digital store capitalizes on data and artificial intelligence to customize offers but also on salespeople to accompany the customer in store. The key to success will be the use of Big Data to perfectly merge human intelligence and digital tools’ limitless possibilities.

The boom of the smart digital assistants is now!

The new trend to follow: voice command. Alexa (Amazon) or Bixby (Samsung) and Google Home are the proof that tech-brands are expecting smart assistants commanded by voice to make significant progress in Europe and become more popular in the United States in the upcoming years.

The rise of the phygital or the boom of A.I. assistants perfectly illustrates the undergoing “retail revolution”. Today, being able to deliver on “everything, right now, and anywhere” is crucial to make a difference. Retailers not only have to make the point of sale evolve quickly and flawlessly but to reimagine the supply chain that supports their growth.

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