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Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and compliance: a strong will

In accordance with its values and commitments, FM Group, with its entities FM Finances, FM Logistic and NG Concept, wants to act in compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the countries where it operates, and in all circumstances. To achieve this objective, FM Group has implemented an ethics and compliance policy that supports the Group's strategic decisions, management and professional practices on a daily basis.
As a reference document, the FM Group ethics charter addresses all FM Group employees, permanent or temporary, all over the world, as well as our business and environmental partners. Available in French and English, the Ethics Charter will soon be available in the 12 other languages of FM  Group Led by Olivier Faure, CEO of FM Finance, the Group's compliance policy is based on three main axis:

  • Company due diligence
    The law related to due diligence of the parent firms and main contractor companies adopted by the French Parliament on 21 February 2017 requires multinational companies to prevent social, environmental and governance risks related to their operations, as well as those of their subsidiaries and their commercial partners (subcontractors and suppliers ). In June 2018, FM Group formalized a Sustainable Development program that addresses all these issues, based on FM Group’s Ethics Charter, which structures and oversees all compliance issues.

  • Personal data protection
    FM Group is committed to protecting the personal data of its employees, customers and partners and puts in place actions to comply with the regulations in force.

  • The fight against corruption
    Corruption is a plague that can destabilize States and businesses alike. With its corporate values and a strong sense of business ethics, FM Group has implemented a mechanism to protect its activities from this diffuse but real risk. In particular, an anti-corruption guide  that complements our Ethics Charter, is available  to FM Group's managers, employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

    FM Group has set up a whistleblowing system (click here to access the form of alert) to FM Group Ethics Committee that allows each employee or partner to report the existence of a behaviour or a situation that would go against laws and FM Group’s Ethics Charter, which may affect the company's business or engage  its liability.

The members of the ethics committee are: 
 Olivier FAURE CEO, FM Finance. Chairman of the Committee
 Didier NAVEL, FM Logistic Projects Director
 Christel REEB, Director of FM Logistic HR Development
 Christian CORNET, Director Design, Engineering and Sustainable Innovation at NG Concept