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Jean-Christophe Machet visits the FM Logistic School in Brazil

Jean-Christophe Machet, CEO of FM Logistic, particularly touched by the investment of Brazilian employees in the FM Foundation.

On February 15, 2023

During his visit to Brazil, Jean-Christophe Machet had the opportunity to meet the people involved in the FM Logistic School project.

What is the FM Logistic School ?

Since 2018, FM Foundation has developed la escola de logistica (logistics school) project in Brazil in partnership with the NGO Pescar. First deployed on the FM Logistic platform in Sao Paulo, then on the platform in Canoas, this project offers a socio-professional training programme that prepares young people in socially vulnerable situations to enter the job market. This training is possible thanks to the involvement of FM Logistic employees who pass on their knowledge to the teenagers.

In addition to being trained in the logistics professions, they are accompanied in developing their behaviour in areas such as social relations, citizenship, communication, etc. Since the launch of this project, 40 young people have been successfully trained!

Jean-Christophe Machet’s visit

During his visit to the Canoas platform, Jean-Christophe Machet had the opportunity to meet the young people and employees involved in this strong social impact project.

 I was particularly touched by the involvement of the employees with the FM Foundation and especially with the “Logistics School”.
Jean-Christophe Machet, Linkedin post

A great engagement that creates a real opportunity for these teenagers to enter the professional world!

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