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FM Foundation
FM Foundation

Shelter installation for teenagers

FM Logistic and NG Concept employees installed a shelter in the garden of a clinic specialised in the care and study of teenagers.

On February 20, 2023

Steve Jobs once said “The best things that happen in business are not the result of one man’s work. It’s the work of a whole team […]. At the FM Foundation, the realisation of this project is proof of this thanks to the establishment of an effective chain of solidarity.

Mathilde Salomon Centre

As a continuation of our partnership with the Vincent de Paul Foundation, the Mathilde Salomon Centre has requested the FM Foundation to create a shelter for its residents. Created in 2009, this centre is a care and study clinic for adolescents aged 14 to 20 suffering from disorders that affect their quality of life and their schooling. A chain of solidarity was coordinated by FM Foundation, between Abri Plus, a long-standing partner of NG Concept (FM Logistic’s building engineering) and the Vincent de Paul Foundation. This was followed by the involvement of FM Logistic France and Corporate and NG Concept employees to carry out the project.

The site

Once the ideal location for the shelter had been determined and the application for the work approved, the construction work could begin. Several employees responded to the FM Foundation’s internal call for volunteers. It was a beautiful autumn day when the concrete slab was laid. For the uninitiated, the first step was to excavate the ground, make a timber formwork, install a wire mesh and then pour the concrete. The residents of the clinic took advantage of the freshly laid concrete to write the date on it. FM Foundation let the coldest days of the winter pass before setting a second date to assemble and install the shelter. FM Logistic volunteers met on a mild February day and assembled each piece of the shelter. Once the structure was assembled, they fixed it to the slab and finished with the glazing.

The upside

The young people and some of the centre’s staff took an active part in the work in a good mood. They are absolutely delighted with this outdoor installation. It allows them to enjoy the clinic’s garden, whatever the season. Thus, protected from bad weather, it is a real bubble of fresh air which can have a positive effect on their health.

FM Foundation warmly thanks all those who made this project possible.

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