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La logique des transports urbain



Last 30th of November, the project group "Sustainable Transport" invited about twenty business leaders of transport companies, partners of FM Logistic, to present the part dedicated to subcontractors. Two universes of transport (domestic and international) discovered the global approach to sustainable development before going into the details of the program for this activity (training, green solutions, partnership and loyalty). 


This program initiated at the request of Olivier Faure (Executive Director of Operations Support) is sponsored today by Vittorio Battaglia (Group Transportation Director). The issues suggested to the members of the working group are:

  • create added value for all stakeholders,
  • sharing best practices between FM Logistic and its partners
  • working together to satisfy customers.


Vittorio highlights that "sustainable transport is a project that belongs to everyone", hence the importance of the involvement of internal and external players in a different countries: "One FM", our leitmotiv".


The topics discussed during the meeting, eco-driving and the importance of maintenance, provoked intense debate between the different people invited. The sharing of opinions was very rich: how to manage drivers, how to motivate them to make them adhere to eco-driving? How can we encourage them to trace the technical anomalies observed on trucks?


The transport sector is difficult, with much competition, and the economic-political crises complicate the day-to-day operations of transport. Customers facing increasing pressures are becoming more and more demanding: delivering faster, more volumes, and with respect for the environment, accompanied by increasing legislative constraints.


The meeting ended with commitments, whose the "learning cards" provided by FM Logistic for transport companies in order to communicate to drivers the best practices in eco-driving, with an incentive system linked to the loyalty program.


Further steps of this approach will be continued during the first semester of next year to deepen some topics and to exchange best practices. FM Logistic teams are waiting for feedback from the guests on the other topics that concern them in order to develop new modules. The approach is intended to be co-built with the partners of FM Logistic.